The Importance of Things Believed

Kultivate Spring 17 Art Show - Crossing that Bridge

Based on John 8:31,32

The Importance Of Things Believed
by Michael Romani

Abide in the Holy Word
Lit by a light un-blurred
The fire of eternal truth
Setting us free from youth
Or when we have seen
While busily a human being

Some believe in sincerity
As if that's the only clarity
But miss the larger point
In thinking that alone anoints
Never realizing the importance
Of believing beyond circumstances

Thinking that if it feels right
The fit is comforting and tight
What you believe truly matters
Belief in wrong, truly shatters
Finding our way to safe ground
Somewhere beyond the clatter of sound

Truth is something quite universal
It is or isn't without room for reversal
Sincerity isn't the important question
I say this without hesitation
There is indeed a right and wrong
It's to this truth that I belong

Not to put this in terms of levity
But if you doubt this test gravity
And what is true will always be true
It's the same truth for me as you
It is not subject to consensus vote
Nor something subject to anecdotes

Truth is solid and quite verifiable 
Where it's not, it's not reliable
But where it is, it's to be believed
Not caught up in being deceived
Conceptions of studied truth
Based on evidence learned from youth

If we work within this paradigm
We test and see this in our time
A formula put to the crucial test
Shows in time what works best
We see this as a truth is fulfilled
When it doesn't - truth is revealed

Testing our life by this simple rule
We soon learn if wise or playing a fool
Scripture provides us the guidance
Given freely from the hands of Providence
Jesus came to save us from our sins
It's a good message to spread among friends

Faith in Jesus and His blessed resurrection
Has shown us the necessity of our correction
We must make abide as His Holy people
Gathering here together in His temple
Living in His words as our living guide
Humbly contrite, we put aside our pride

Walking His loving, guiding presence
Keeping our eyes on with willing conscience
No longer living based on random feeling
Anchored in truth, no longer reeling
For this is truth for all to know and hear
Set free into a life of light so very dear

(c) February 25, 2018 Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Burn2 Caravansary - Believe Relived




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