Keeping Promises For Our Souls

Shattered by Unobtainable Love -A Migraine In My Soul

Genesis 28:15

Keeping Promises For Our Souls
by Michael Romani

Jesus' love is our very cornerstone
Our saving grace, we're never alone
Living life as if in constant prayer
Finding God in our all and everywhere

Sometimes yes is awful hard to hear
Because too often we live in fear
Promises made by God are ever clear
Written in the Word nearly everywhere

Full of sight and giving in love and kindness
Not lost up in the dark of our blindness
Cleansed in our righteousness by God's hand
Our sins are removed by his very command

As far as the East is from the furthest West
Its in the in between we find our perfect rest
God loves us as if children in His family
Shielded in His ever present loving Divinity

This is the promise to be with us always
To ends of the world and to its final days
God is working in our lives to increased glory
In this then we will then live His story

Belief in His Word should come quite easily
But we cast it aside too often for inequity
Instead of walking paths of righteousness
We cast it asunder forgetting our blessedness

What He might crush, He instead maintains
Providing the melody of the angelic refrains
That sing the songs of everything and everyone
As He has always from beginning until time is done

As in the story of Jacob's Ladder, we live in blessing
No need to wonder and no time for second guessing
God is with us and will keep us in our Holy Ways
Living this out until the very end of our days

We are the Children of our Holy God above
Blessed by His righteousness and all of His love
Confident against our doubting hesitation
Living in our wonder and in our sweet fascination

(c) February 28, 2018 Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

White Cliffs of Dover - Soul Sacrifice












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