Daddy’s Girl

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Daddy's Girl
by Michael Romani

To be marginalized and oppressed
Cannot be ever overestimated
To be considered less than
Had left her endlessly frustrated

It didn't make it any better
To be considered part of the family
Not in the push and the pull
Of the dominating force of patriarchy

It didn't matter to her
That her pulling under was not intentional
It was a lifetime lived with resentment
Against the unfairness of the institutional

Daddy's girl or not, or because of perhaps
This was nothing close to her preference
Radical gestures in a timeless conversation
As black and female, it was her only experience

Growing up to door closed shut to her
Though they were clearly marked enter
She just wanted for at least once
That she could be her own story's center

In the midst of a sea of stories told
When unintentional theories of power abound
The Song of Solomon illustrated her epiphany
That society needed to hear for change to be found

Quintessential scenes of utter devastation
Reveal the truth hidden deeply rooted
Accepted quietly by most as just the situation
To which tradition has mindlessly contributed

Treated like a found nickel meant to entertain
She speaks up for her own right to decide
After all, despite all confusion, she has a brain
And a good one at that, she speaks up with pride

At last, it was finally and plainly said
Voicing her deepest rage filled thoughts
Those things she had kept close in her head
There at the intersection of should be and ought

(c) March 23, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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