Thought For the Day: History Is A Novel

“History is a novel whose author is the people.” – Alfred de Vigny, poet, playwright, and novelist (27 Mar 1797-1863)


I would go this one step further and say that the more I have learned about history, the more history beats the best work of fiction.  Not only are there so many nuances and shades interwoven in each historical tale that might be told, but, much of what we believe to be true at any given point at another point turns out to be false.  I do agree, however, that what makes this so complex and fascinating is the people in it.  I was never one for believing history was simply movements that sometimes have figureheads.  I think to a very large degree, it is people themselves as individuals who most often move history.




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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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