Lessons In Living History

MIC Imagin@rium -March of History_001

Lessons In Living History
by Michael Romani

The hardest thing to comprehend
Is why so many fail to understand
That lessons in history tend to repeat
Maybe because the lessons are incomplete

Like angel wings openly spread
History is more than for the dead
Indeed it is mostly for the living
And seldom easy or very forgiving

Today, my youngest and her class
Gave us families a sort of pass
Providing a living human face
On parts of history to embrace

Putting on a sort of living museum
One her and classmates would be in
Thinking on this at my early arrival
It heartened me for these children's survival

Filled with joy that she is a part of this
I truly love her, my youngest bright miss
As I sat there waiting for what I would see
Thinking on the meaning behind the mystery

My little girl knows her history
As today, Martha Washington, she will be
With great anticipation I waited to see
My daughter as part of living history

I had told her of her own family's story
And recalled her excited eyes at the glory
And now standing before me she takes part
In and as living history embedded in her heart

She embarked on teaching what I already knew
I nodded and encouraged knowing it all to be true
Then at the end of the event she hugged me so tight
I can have little doubt that everything will be alright

My little girl knows that we learn from our history
And she's taken this to heart to reveal all mystery
I know that there is no challenge she will not surpass
This and more is what I learned from that magical pass

(c) March 28, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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