Laid At the Cross

In His Name - Church of Divine Mercy - Crucifixion

Laid At the Cross
by Michael Romani

All of my many debts of sinning
Were given a new sort of beginning
All of this was paid while I'm at a loss
Paid by all of my faith laid at the cross

Along with all the sin of the world 
As God's battle flag was unfurled
In the only fight that really matters
A Christian army dressed in tatters

Confident in a covering of grace
Knowing the foot of God as our place
It's a battle fought best on our knees
As our prayers bring victory and ease

Like a Passover lamb of sacrifice 
God gave us all that it might suffice
Christ's Blood given as a sign of sanctity
Given up humbly for us by His Divinity

All we are asked is to simply believe
Moving past all of life that might deceive
And in so doing accept His grace
Given to us all as we look into God's face

(c) March 28, 2018 Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Virtuoso Performing Arts - Easter Matinee - Arise From the Tomb II



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