Truth In All Ill Repute

Grumble - Truth or Dare

Truth In All Ill Repute
by Michael Romani

Arguments in the guise of truth
Set a bad example for our youth
The world has tilted off its axis
The question left, I have to ask is
When we've broken this social contract
What if anything is left to counteract

Social distortions offered as persuasion
Are offered as equally valid without dissuasion
These add up mostly points of sophistry
In discussions rendered most unpleasantly
Our world is pays the piper of relative morality
As we learn the price of losing truth in our society

In this world of sordid, weaponized facts
Our major social constructs are barely in tact
Bad faith and lies have made their way to news
Indiscriminately misleading simply for the views
And while I do so love the diversity of hues
It isn't the truth we need from leaders or from pews

He said, she said has become the ritualized
To the point of a parody carnivalized
Intricacies of mangled reputations
Have distilled the moments of our institutions
Caught up in hysterical parts of high anxiety
The manipulators manufacture the complexity

There is a real need for order in this sea of change
But, that hard to do when truth is seen as strange
An innocent belief in a curing of hostile liars
When trusted authorities can be best trusted to conspire
Suggests faith and fealty are formed into social dexterity
That is hard to hold onto in this age of insincerity

Learnt truth is an alluring body of confusion
Hard proof will be needed for the duration
This inevitable flurry of unproven assertions
Will require a massive and savory exertion
After all this age of unremitting cynicism
Finds itself requiring rebirth to get past our pessimism

(c) April 3, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Lost Inhibitions - A Rack of Stretching Truth



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