Coda: A Eulogy For A King

Martin Luther King, Jr., was assassinated on April 4, 1968.  In his honor and to memorialize in some small way his life and legacy:

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Coda:  A Eulogy For A King
by Michael Romani

Born into a world of brutality
In which war is a constant reality
He came as a moment of Providence
To spread his message of nonviolence
Rising up from roots of humility
He met his death with love and dignity

Before crossing that great divide
He reminded us that we must decide
Do we care for our sisters and brothers
Or, turn our backs on one another
With all the moral weight of the universe
He encouraged love and not the perverse

When too many shepherds stood bleating
Martin spoke up against the self defeating
Striving to abolish the inhumanity of man
Resisting the injustices as best that one can
Questing ever forward toward redemption
His life encourages faithful contemplation

Believing in a true sense of unity
He left a better America as his legacy
Bringing down the walls of separation
The battle was fought against discrimination
And while there is much left to be done today
Expanding dreams continues as the American way

A living memorial casts its own shadow
Daring to go deep and not just shallow
Pondering a greater truth for our nation
Winnowing our way out of discrimination
Children of God link to fight for the living
In unbiased love lived truly forgiving

(c) April 5, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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