Choices of Roads Best Traveled

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Choices of Roads Best Traveled
by Michael Romani

Choices in the roads we travel
Are choices that do quite ravel
The ways we take up and live
Choices of the road may forgive
But there are fundamentals to know
And these depend on the way we go

To choose Christ is to choose to serve
Drawing closer than we might deserve
Trusting in the Lord to show that way
The best one to get us through our day
Knowing the Lord will never forsake
The righteous in the path they take

This path is less and less traveled
It seems the whole world has unraveled
It's too easy to push for the easy
Certain these ways will please you and me
But the reality is that there is a price
So, please be careful is my advice

Keep this deep within your marrow
That the path of truth is very narrow
It's best to take the path of difference
There are no short cuts despite preference
That will take you to Heaven but this one
Only one path gets us to the Son

Seriousness in our discipleship
Is the best and true way to worship
Understanding the changes of tomorrow
Sometimes require a little sorrow
But bring us to our times of joy
And require changes we must employ

Striving toward our growing maturity
With eyes on the cross as our security
Spirit descended until spirit ascended
Love like a dove in Jesus we are friended
It is as simple and complicated as that
The lessons best learned are just fact

Constant steps of needed preparation
Suffered obedience has its inspiration
Every step taken is but instruction
Leading to creation; away from destruction
Students of the inspired Holy word
Live knowing some lines should not be blurred

Living prayer without ever ceasing
Seeking His ways never decreasing
Keeping our eyes faithfully on all
Keeping our ears heeding His call
Listening for the intended meaning
Focused on truth not the deceiving

These are the ways of the observant
In becoming good and faithful servants
Following the path of our best choosing
Accepting Him in our hearts without refusing
The lessons we need to learn to progress
This in our own efforts, I quietly confess

(c) April 8, 2018 Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Groenland Kangamiut - Chilling Down the Winding Path



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