Na/GloPoWriMo 9: In the Big of the Small

The Na/GloPoWriMo Day 9 poetry challenge, the goal is to write a poem that either joins the big with the small or the small with the big.  I propose to do both using the bringing of comic books to the big screen and the big screen to video games.  I hope it works out easier than I’m thinking it will as I continue to play catch up today:

Wonder Kids - Paved In Sharpened Comics

In the Big of the Small
by Michael Romani

Whispers have it that I was reading 
By the ripe old age of maybe three
The necessity of this came by needing
To understand the drawings for me
Stories are told that I pieced together
Roughly what was said sometimes a lil' better

In that golden age of comic books
I collected so many I hid them in nooks
Crannies filled with stories I would read
And from these was planted a sort of seed
The idea that these would make good films
With the right directors at the helms

I read over and over from cover to cover
Picking up on new nuances to discover
Finding many of my principles and ways
Among the heroes and zeroes of those days
I knew for certain that I could never imitate
But maybe for the best I could emulate

Until that is my parents pressured the sell
Of perhaps over a thousand of such tales
I remember searching for someone to appreciate
So that these comics might have a good fate
Saying goodbye to childhood dreams
I also said goodbye to all those mental scenes

Of how these stories might one day look
If Hollywood could capture the art of comic book
Decades past and I would still sometimes think
That with better graphics we were on the brink
Then suddenly CGI came along and slowly but surely
Stories that a small for of art were depicted purely

Purely for the art, action, thrill and fun of it all
I would sit there with popcorn and laugh to recall
How people had told me this sort of thing would not be
As I watched smiling at the wonders of this technology

Of course this wasn't good enough for anyone
For a true fan a new level had to be done
That level was answered as video games came to be
Allowing us dreamers a step further into fantasy
As we shrunk the screen joining in that dream
That Hollywood had finally brought to the screen

The day had arrived to be our own heroes at last
A few clicks of buttons and we all had a blast
Staying up to the wee hours of the morning
Ignoring that we what should have been a warning
That we were addicted to this sort of a thing
And the rush that of that would come to bring

And so it is that all of this has come around
Full circle as we grow older and read what we've found
Armchair warriors relaxing into a familiar story
Let the games begin we think with thoughts of glory
Getting captured again in the words electronically framed
Knowing, we've read, watched, though been thoroughly gamed

(c) April 10, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

The Origial Marvel Roleplay







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