A Light For the Nations

Based on Isaiah 42:6-8

Sunfall Landing -  Yaquina Lighthouse With A Splash On the Rocks

A Light For the Nations
by Michael Romani

Words in the right places
Together in intended phrases
To say just what they mean
To seen as meant to be seen
With all the glory given
Our ways shall be driven

The Lord is known by His name
Giving strength to the lame
Holding us up into the light
Shining there in the darkest night
Shining forward in its illumination
As a beacon of truth for the nations

Made in His image we are holy descended
While God in Is awesomely transcended
But for all, we owe to God's great glory
Rolled like a rock, it s a part of the story
We need to stop the worm's glorification
And get on to the essence of our fascination

The talents given are to God's glory alone
No man is an island with a heart of stone
But driven to our greatest completion
In all of the truth of this implication
Finding it hard to function without Him
Leaving the past behind isn't a whim

My life and your life are meant to shine
Shining God's life not yours nor mine
We are fearfully made in His awe and wonder
Giving our all to Him and serving there under
His holy throne of the celestial kingdom
Offers us our truest holiness and best wisdom

(c) April 11, 2018 Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Winter Flakes - An Illumination of A Flocked Snowy Lighthouse



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