Na/GloPoWriMo 11: Solo Deo Gloria

The Na/GloPoWriMo Day 11 challenge is a nebulous subject of what might my state of the union be about my life in the future.  I live a lot in the moment.  I suppose that I nearly always have.  This is particularly true since fighting for my life and winning.. thus far.  I don’t have a lot of expectations; just a few hopes and a heart full of love for those who mean so much to me.  With this in mind….

Immersiva Drones

Solo Deo Gloria
by Michael Romani

Early on in life 
    I learned that too many sit by
Afraid maybe to take on the strife
    And so they sit idly giving no reply

To the question that life has thrown
    Certain only
         That they are dissatisfied
With all that life has shown

I learned the hard way
     Seems like it was only yesterday
That we don't know
    We can never know
            How much life we have yet to breathe
Knocked to my knees
     As I couldn't even breathe
            Who knew follicles put on the oxygen
Or that they can be blocked 
       My life was rocked and my body shocked
But, I've made my way back again

So, the query established into this dispution 
   Is what will be my tomorrow's state of union?
I would like to say a lot of brilliant things
   But, the best that I really, truly have 
         Is we will see what tomorrow brings

The only promise that I have to offer
       And I know it's not much to really proffer
Is that I will live each day given 
      Giving my best love and hoping to be forgiven
When I fail and fall flat on face again
      As I am sure I will again and again
Until that day when... when I can't 
           Can't get back up again

You say that's really not much to give?
   It's all that I can give
      My very best to each who is in my soul
I have learned just how much isn't in my control
I almost made it to my SUV that day
   Hand reaching toward the door
        They found me face down 
Face slightly smashed having caught the ground
        Eight days in ICU, and I could breathe again
I hate when my mind flashes back to then

Two faces inside my tired mind
      Two voices that I would not leave behind
Nurses whispering, "He should be dead"
      A cry in that night filling my Neanderthal head
Striking another bargain with God, please let me live
     To watch these two grow into everything 
That their lives will bring
     Another prayer to God, please Lord, forgive 
All my wrongs and let me see them grow up
     That to me is my winner's cup

Every day that I can still breathe
     Is another day I can love those I love
Another day that I do not leave
     I am in no rush to see and be in heaven above
Two little hearts, two little hands I love to hold
     Dear Lord please let me live long enough to be old

So you ask me what tomorrow will bring for me?
    I suppose my answer doesn't have much dignity
I just want to live long enough to be a good daddy...

And to each day that I do continue above ground
  I am so very grateful for those things found
Solo Deo Gloria is engraved on the back of my guitar
  Given of dreams of going all that far
I have but one dream left really
    To have enough steel in me
To live to be a good daddy 

(c)  April 11, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Hobbiton - A Stream Runs Through Here



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