Na/GloPoWriMo 12: Pukka Shell Haibun

Na/GloPoWriMo  Day 12’s challenge is to write a Haibun based on the environment we grew up in.  I came up with this:

Santa Maria dell'Isola di Tropea - A Dolphin's Tale

Pukka Shell Haibun
by Michael Romani

A shark's tooth attached to pukka shell necklace becomes replaced
by a cross.  The military brat's journey, from beginning to end,
is a lesson in more than geography.  It is one of love and laughter,
tears at disaster, and always the certainty of more travel and 
further changes.  The good and the bad of this wraps around a
lasting sense of the impermanence of life.

Born to travel far
Wished upon a falling star
Traveled world still turns

Born on the Scottish coast; nine weeks later moved to his America.
From there the journey was to the Philippines and other destinations
until travel became second nature to life.  The food, music and
peoples do not blur but instead stir passions and compassion for
others.  All of these things become assimilated into a person's
insights through all of these experiences. 

Scottish born at birth
Travel became the life lived
Word seen uniquely

From the southern fried coastlines of Virginia and South Carolina,
a short jot in Maryland and to northern coral tip of Cuba across
to Puerto Rico before landing on the sandy beaches of Hawai'i...
to a multitude of points in between, a person becomes orientated
to oceans and aquatic life.  Surfing, scuba, snorkeling, fishing 
are all wrapped in a spirit of exploring coastal beaches, lagoons, 
marshes and adjacent lands.  This all acts together forming 
perspectives that might otherwise be or not be.

Ocean child grown wild
Eyes set on the Northern Star
Coastal life lived well

(c) April 12, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Shagwong Cove Resort - Thinking Deep At Sagoponack Beach




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