Na/GloPoWriMo Day 17: Wrapped Around Her Little Finger

The Na/GloPoWriMo Day 17 challenge is to “write a poem re-telling a family anecdote that has stuck with you over time”.   There is not a person on this Earth (or any other for that matter), who knows me and does not know this story to be a great way of knowing me.  Particularly, it tells the story of the relationship between my eldest daughter and me.

Amatsu Shima -  A Room Without Books...

Wrapped Around Her Little Finger
by Michael Romani

Sometimes life offers us our perfect fit
I wouldn't argue against this a single bit
One such time that speaks to my heart
Is the story that I will below impart

All my life, I had wanted to have a kid
A little girl to love, I won't keep that hid
Though I didn't know what I'd have to offer
If I didn't have a son but instead a daughter

But, for years it seemed this would not be so
My ex wife couldn't have kids, don't you know
One night the doctor called and I felt fear
Over words that I dreaded and could not hear

At the end of this call, my ex asked me to talk
Fearing the worse, we went for a little walk
She suddenly turned and asked me how I would feel
If my dreams of having children were suddenly real

Every night, it became our reading ritual
Pouring out the love and words became habitual
I read through Lord of the Rings and other books
Giving that form in the tummy loving looks

The day came when we would find out which sex 
And maybe the ultra sound would show other aspects
I will never forget that moment on that day
When this little girl sat up and looked my way

Turning inside her mother's belly with extended finger
Everyone laughed as I stood there and we both lingered
Not exactly eye to eye, but everyone there understood
How life would be, how it was and that it was good

As I look into her crystal blue eyes, we both know
That I've been wrapped around her finger and it grows
Always two hearts wrapped into each other's hearts
Since before she was born that's how we made our start

Time has gone by and as I think about this I try
Try so hard to smile and not sentimentally cry
But, it's hard at times especially as we live apart
Both of us feeling like we're missing half a heart

And all these times that slip one into another
Like when in the market some song or maybe the other
Is playing and some song comes on I've sang to her
Like "You Are So Beautiful" and she recalls I sang to her

"Daddy, make it stop, that man is wrecking our song"
Oh they say these days will soon pass and it won't be long
Won't be long until her and her sister are grown and gone
I just wish these days could go on and on and on

And I'll always remember that magical feeling
It sends my head spinning around and reeling
When she sat up extended her little princess finger
My mind stops there, stuck on love, and it's where I linger

(c) April 17, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

A Reading From the Book of Nature



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