Thought For the Day: Illiberalism Breeds the Conditions Ripe For Mob Rule

“The tendency of liberals is to create bodies of men and women — of all classes — detached from tradition, alienated from religion, and susceptible to mass suggestion — mob rule. And a mob will be no less a mob if it is well fed, well clothed, well housed, and well disciplined.” – T.S. Elliott

I do note that even back then when originally stated that the Progressives of the world had co-opted the term liberalism.  I would refer the reader of this to what is now called classical liberalism and posit that in looking this up you will learn what real liberalism is as opposed to the dogmatic progressives who have inappropriately taken a name that doesn’t in any way comport to their standard modus operandi.  Otherwise, I am in the majority agreement with what Mr. Eliot’s quote states.




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