Na/GloPoWriMo Day 20: Petri Dish

The challenge for Na/GloPoWriMo Day 20 is to write a poem pertinent to rebellion.  Rebellion against tyranny being my second nature I have had to contend with the notion that perhaps I should just write a poem contending that we should go along with all that happening and conform to the nonsense that passes for politics today.  Having allowed that notion to pass through my fingers, I am certain we all know that’s not going to happen.  Instead I rebel against the nonsense written by Albright in her new book:

SL14B - chaos

Petri Dish
by Michael Romani

This modern world is filled with foils
And partisan hacks with their endless toils
Both sides of this traumatic equation
Might need a moment and a possible vacation

Pointed fingers criss-cross offering no solutions
Mostly we in the crossfire suffer from their contributions
Experts speak offering humility as an illusion
Always hoping to sway with accusations and confusion

A pretense of hope given to meek pessimism
Is leading the descent into breeding modern fascism
Writing out the conditions of a petri dish wish list
Less providing solutions than telling what has been missed

Tribal identification and splitting up the classes
Is more the Democratic purveyance of the huddled masses
Then it is their political opponents they wish to vilify
This is going to take candor and openness to rectify

All of the falseness of deliberate propagation
Sent out to encourage violence and agitation
"Us vs. Them" offered in rhetorical divisions
Are laughable enough to suffer quiet derision 

Operating on fear factored pressure from below
The sophists spoon lead the ebb and flow
Encouraging feelings of discrimination and division
Pushing forward into a forceful decision

Comparing the sitting president of the United States
With Chavez, Putin and others over rates and devastates 
The evidence we actually have available and on hand
And this, such sophists as Albright readily understands

All such liars rely on the public's vapid confusion
The purpose truly is to engender the continued illusion
Neither hyperbole or falsely put academic word games
Amount to much more than the feint casting of blame

The undesirable exposure of private conversations
To create political scandal is incipient totalitarianism
All of this dwells on the politics of inevitability 
But has almost nothing to do with real culpability

In a day and age no longer striving for the middle ground
Baseless assertions are made no matter how unsound
Centrism has been abandoned for exacerbation of differences
Leaning one way or another, it depends on preference

We must learn to walk back from this climate of fear
Digging for substance beyond just how things might appear
The attention spent on the fabric of details
Will make all the difference for America's tale

(c) April 21, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

LEA 19: No Frontiers -Tower of Chaos




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