Thorny Logic

Art In Hats, Hats In Art - Distorted. Meshed Up Perspective

Thorny Logic
by Michael Romani

There is a thorny logic of contortion
Of how we approach art in its distortion
It's a shell game we call respect
As we arbitrarily choose favor or neglect

In a world where street creds challenge
Considerations of introspection
It comes with a staggering balance
To speak of historical sophistication

Putting a rapper in league with Aaron Copeland
Is a bit difficult to truly understand 
In a worth based on alleged credibility
It seems to me the price should be sheer ability

It seems the gatekeepers of high culture
Have become a little to aware of the circling vultures
Handing the mantle to a person of unsettled legacy
Feels to me almost a bit too vague yet incendiary 

Some works of music shed their own brilliance
Shining their moments in audible radiance
Respect it seems is a slippery thing
Too often based on perceptions and not what each brings

Still, perhaps it has come an all "rap" equals "crap"
As an embarrassing tell of my too closed mind
It's a damning question brought to its near wrap
And perhaps past time to open up to what I might find

(c) April 23, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Nordan Art Gallery - There Is Hope In Solitude - Art Is A Messy Thing



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