Girding My Heart

Based on the Book of Psalms:

God's House Of Prayer - Sharpened By the Word

Girding My Heart
by Michael Romani

With my whole heart I seek Him
Guarding my life by the decision 
That is not just a frivolous whim
But one made from the precision
Of guarding my heart with the Word
Whether living slowly or in a blur

I have opened my eyes to see
The truth of all of my reality
Seeking to be a better man
Doing my best to do what I can
Seeing all the purpose of the why
Seek and ye shall find as my reply

Rebuked by God to my countenance
I feel no choice but my repentance
Often persuaded to change my ways
To be closer to God in my days
Hearing the truth as its preached
This is the point that I've reached

Accepting the truth of living Christ
Obedient to the word, I've not missed
That so many have turned away
Even those who should not easily stray
Looking in the mirror, I see my wrong
Too many times weak instead of strong

Girding my heart to His authority
The ways of the Word are the divinity
From which I will seek not to wander
From while knowing all of its wonder
Asking myself to look at the evidence
I surrender my will to His holy Providence

From page 1 to the last point of revelation
Humanity becomes clothed in its destination
To live by the righteous word of God alone
Seeking my atonement carved in stone
I am righteous only through the blood
Without which I am hopelessly mired in the mud

The Bible melts my heart in its compassion
Walking back from anger and its expansion
Putting aside the malice hard to swallow
Doing my best to be deep and now shallow
Living in forgiveness and not in bitterness
Living in society and not hatred's wilderness

If it's going to be then it's truly up to me
To change and repent in my eventuality
I do my best, seeking to live in purity
Knowing His love as the only cure for me
I know that I best avoid to do this when
I store up His word stepping away from sin

(c) April 25, 2018 Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

SL 13 Stupendous Stage -  A Passion For Words



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