Na/GloPoWriMo Day 26: Fisherman’s Wharf

Na/GloPoWriMo Day 26 challenge is to write a poem “that includes images that engage all five senses. Try to be as concrete and exact as possible with the “feel” of what the poem invites the reader to see, smell, touch, taste and hear.”

West of the Rain - Peaton Island Ferry

Fisherman's Wharf
by Michael Romani

We took the Blue and Gold
In from Sausalito
The salty spray took its hold
As we landed on The Embarcadero 
The sun descended so sweet 
Boarding the cable car on F Street 

As we waited for our arrival
We whispered our hopes of survival
Sharing a laugh while holding hands
Me at the joke, you at me and my demands
The Rock had held the worse criminals
Your glance at me was almost subliminal

Now this place of ill repute and some notoriety
Was a place enjoyed in questionable sobriety
They had made it into some kind of national park
We would return there some day, you said in a lark
I hadn't known this was our last moment together
And who is to say if it was for the better

Arriving at Fisherman's Wharf we descended 
Down into the market as we pretended 
That we had noticed it all smelled like fish
As we slipped a moment on a Ghiradelli wish
A chocolate of the very highest quality
A moment's kiss shared between you and me

Listening to the clock bells through the trees
We meandered toward the Wharf with the foggy breeze
Dungeness crab and chowder served in bowls
Made of the same sour dough as our rolls
Alioto's managed to sell us seconds of shrimp cocktail
As we listened to local fishmonger's alluring tales

After wandering around, we would return for Cioppino
A fisherman's stew of fresh catch taken as we'd go
But only after shopping on Pier 39 with its two story
Carousel and sea lions all making for its unique glory
Their migration into the area followed an earthquake
To listen to them bellow seemed a good way to stay awake

Penny arcade moments sifted into Ripley's Believe it or not
It wasn't all that long before the day had grown a little hot
And we took a breather inside the Chapel of the Lost Fishermen
All of this remembered like a maritime moment's Zen
Until our curious ways led us to look at all the famous ships
While snacking on some morsels of Ghiradelli chocolate chips

We wandered about more onto Hyde Street's famous ole pier
Taking in all of the history and folklore we found there
While overhead the Blue Angels in formation zoomed by
We learned to keep our eyes focused while dreaming on high
The world famous bushman busker startled us in surprise
With his oogah boogah appearance as seen by our eyes

Such are the moments that I look back on and often cherished
Though I hear it's been many years now since you perished
Since that day, fate sent us apart, who knew I'd have to depart
All the warm cuddles and moments spent talking heart to heart
These are the things that memories are so often made of
All the sights, sounds, smells and best of all, the love

(c) April 27, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Llyr's Fish & Mer Market -Flying Crabby



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