Na/GloPoWriMo Day 27: Tarot Under the Law

The challenge for Na/GloPoWriMo Day 27 is/was one that I do not find myself happily doing.  I have no idea what is up with this year’s series of challenges.  But, this one is perhaps the worse ever.  I believe as a Christian that I am to have zero to do with this sort of a thing.  To make this the challenge is not mortifying really but definitely and definitively distasteful.  I get from the last two years of these challenges that the person heading this whole thing up has a very far left lean in their life.   That is their prerogative.  I can only hope that in the years to come they realize that their stance in the name of ‘tolerance’ is becoming increasingly intolerant.

Still, regardless of my now registered protest, I will do my own take on this nonsense below.  While I am sure many happily write of things denounced in the Bible, I will take the position of justifiably denouncing this devil’s art.    The challenge for today, write a poem based on tarot cards.  And so I will now do just that…

Rocca Sorrentina - Tarot History Exhibit  - Roots in Casted Lots

Tarot Under the Law
by Michael Romani

In this world that is filled with so many wonders
We also find a world of both dunders and blunders
One of these is to stake any claim of insensitivity
That the work of the Devil has any good part in divinity

So many in this world feel weak and seek out power
Too many turn themselves toward the darkest hour
Believing that God is made up and that good people glower
They believe themselves superior until the magick sours

Greed is a thing that breeds on itself 
Studying herbs and spells from the shelf
Bringing some sick comfort for those seeking power
Giving at first and drawing in focus hour after hour

Until suddenly it turns and as quickly devours
Sucking out the souls of those who would have power
All of these have become deceived friends of the fool
In so doing, they have become merely simple tools

Tools of deception and tool of the darkness growing
Its understandable that most start in wanting the knowing
It is truth and not just blanket and negative criticism
That God has stated that He is against all forms of spiritism

From Genesis to the Book of Revelation God gives His denouncement
Made in quite clear word and in turned pages of open pronouncement
That there is some knowledge we are not to use or to learn
Each time mankind has done so, they have ended up being burned

Some seek to tell us that divination is as old as study of history
But, have they taken a moment to turn to the Book of Deuteronomy 
Where we learn quite clearly that it is seen as an abomination
Still rather than truth, the practitioners follow their fascination

In Chronicles, we see the son of Hinnom turns invoking anger
In so doing, he develops an incurable rift, becoming a stranger
In Isaiah, we learn that Egypt has sold itself into slavery
By turning to these arts and becoming enchained in tyranny

The Book of Jeremiah states fortunetellers sell deception
All of the Word of God sets this out in its every description
Daniel shows that only God is available to tell the truth
And we should instill this truth in what we teach our youth

Over and over it is shown that Christian concern is not overblown
But as we look around in this world we see darkness has grown
So, please do not speak to me about how God is okay with this
Because I will show you again and again what you have missed

(c) April 28, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Rocca Sorrentina - Tarot History Exhibit  - in the Cards



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