Knowing The Law of the Lord

All Angels Chapel - Without His Love, We Wouldn't Have A Prayer

Knowing the Law of the Lord
by Michael Romani

The Law of our blessed Lord
In all of its purity and perfection
Cuts through like a sword
In its blessed direction
Making even a fool seem wise
By opening a simple man's eyes

Each precept treasured in our hearts
Learned and lived from the start
To alter our viewpoints together
In hope our understanding is better
There in all of its testimony
Has its mark and influence on you and me

Testifying in character to all His truth
If only we understood from our youth
Perhaps we would live better lives 
Filled with more peace and less strife
Purposed in each of us a certain plan
Making each a better woman or man

It is beyond a doubt, undeniable 
That every syllable is truly reliable
We need to know what He expects
And adhere to this in every respect
Not only reading but truly living
Assured in all that He is forgiving

This truthfulness is certain and pure
Desperate in this to find our cure
Until we find our footing and way
Grounded in our living day to day
Standing on the promises we know
As step by step, we learn and grow

Living the victory in our daily living
Taking stride in all that it's giving
Getting things right and holding tight
As we negotiate darkness with His light
Walking away from the constant mistakes
No longer trapped by our heartbreaks

In rapt attention, we align in flush square
Keeping the Word of God present where
We can keep all of this on our deep minds
Thirsting after prayer and hopefulness we find
More wisdom than we might otherwise know
Help me, Father, to understand your loving flow 

(c) May 2, 2018 Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

House of Prayer - A Silent Prayer





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