Resonance of Youth

Shattered by Unobtainable Love -Stuck In Angst

Resonance of Youth
by Michael Romani

The angst felt
In the hand dealt
Was both deadly and dreamy
While awkwardly steamy

Remembering those days
And all of our crazy ways
Can be a semi-poetic meditation
Too often subject to repetition

Less about our interactions
More about the indications
Of need and resistance
Distracting fantasy into distance

Being struck by lightening
Was at times very frightening
Each love a labored motivation
Too often unsatisfied in our adoration

In the memories of an older man
I try to remain true best that I can
But all the anxiety dressed in mystery
Turns my reality into cold surreality

Alternatively, sweet then thoughtless
It was our puzzles that brought this
Into an airlessness of artistic composition
We dwelt in our mindless competitions

The memory is our sacred text
But living it made us all nervous wrecks
Fragments form into a meaningful whole
With each of us still learning our proper role

The mournful blue of teenage heartbreak
Was often enough to make our souls shake
Bringing some to the brink of suicide
And some went beyond, we quietly confide

In a bewildering enigma of depression
Even the worse of us made an impression
It's a wonder that we moved past wistfulness
Some even finding their own blissfulness

But, most of us did
As our scars we keep hid
Wishing we could have done it better
But, somehow, we made it through together

(c) May 3, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Luane's Magical World -Sharp As Love's Light



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