Can’t Keep Barbie Down

Sweet World Amusement Park - Sweet World Perspective

Can't Keep Barbie Down
by Michael Romani

I'm going to submit it
Even the sky isn't the limit
No; Not at all
Not for Ms. Barbie Doll

Sometimes it's good to be alive
Particularly back in Nineteen Sixty Five
When dressed in a metallic jumpsuit
Barbie walked in dress in shiny moon boots

She bravely headed into outer space
Leading the way for a woman's place
Powder blue shadowed the eyes on her face
As she very fashionably too her place

From Army Ranger to Major league baseball
Not even the presidency was above this doll
Teaching young girls they can be anything
The only limit being what it is that you bring

This remains the one thing certain
As her tiny shoulders bear the burden
Her cultural touchstone provide a way of seeing
All the changes afoot for us human beings

Modeled on a sexualized sort of a joke
The prototype was a sort of European poke
But that wasn't the end all to it all
No, not at all, not for what became of Barbie Doll

This microcosm  as conformed to conservation
And eventually required the new dawn of reinvention
Now forging forward with our planted straight ahead
She remains ever the pioneer despite what's said

Girls, you see, girls can do most anything
It's all in the all of what they bring
Barbie Doll breaks through all glass ceilings
And she does it in a posh way that hurts no one's feelings

(c) May 6, 2018  Michael Romani  
All Rights Reserved

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