Jump On In

Casablance Bay Lighthouse

Based on John 3:14-15

Jump On In
by Michael Romani

Jump on in, the water's fine
It purifies you with every line
Whosoever lives as a believer
Stands firm against the deceiver
Living life fully and ever lasting
Redeemed we are forever casting

Lines of health and help into this sea
Filled with sickness and depravity
Signs of life for this human's race
Sometimes in need of God's face to face
Wishing we were righteous in what we do
But the best we have is God for me and you

God understands us fully inside and out
Giving us confidence and removing our doubt
This is our ticket to life and living right now
Finding it understanding and flowing somehow
That somehow being in finding God's ways
If we'd only listen, we'd better our days

Stopping us from rolling through the gates
That broadly allow us to stumble in our fate
Instead offering up the ways of victory
So readily achieved when accepted by you and me
For some this is a foolish stumbling block
To those who receive it's the power of the Rock

Narrow are the straits of easy believe-ism
But easily rowed through with our optimism
God's love is the gift we need only believe
If we should choose to be path and receive
The way of truth and light and live in liberty
It's the only road to ever truly living free

In the past, we lifted up the poison in warning
And now it is Jesus to lift up each morning 
As a reminder of keeping to the straight and narrow
Following our path like the truest arrow
Targeting our faith in the truth we must believe
Doing so in every way we might reasonably conceive

The necessary price is fully paid to save us from the grave
The sacrifice made was one that our Father freely gave
So that the old you can be replaced by the one that is new
This is the only power that matters, we know this is true
Surrendering all and becoming reborn at the foot of the cross
Accepting our gain in gratitude for God's momentary loss

The more we lift up Jesus the more His power flows
Through and by us as live this and watch as it grows
This is the eternal brought to life and made right
This the power of the blood as it has been brought to light
Accepting Jesus as the nexus of our every focus
As living family this is the thing that serves to connect us

(c) May 6, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Burn2 Caravansary - Believe Relived




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