Mohala Tutu Pele

Atlantis Emerged - Spontaneous Eruption

Mohala Tutu Pele
by Michael Romani

With great and sudden power
Pele arrives announcing
Like a blossoming flower
Passionately pronouncing
That as mother of her family
She breathes within her fragility

Creation as one within destination
Freely taking while giving instruction
Fire pours up as rain flows down
The island regenerates her crown
As the ocean flows in and out
Life is lived in certainty not doubt

Sacred ancestor and deity
Plentiful in meaning stated regularly
Traced lineage as reaffirmation
Seems at the base for the Hawai'ian nation
Lava flows like blood across Pele's face
The fire of Laka claims its sacred place

A dance of hula tells the story
In the name of the place and its glory
Place names once held their legacy
And are now renamed in complacency
The truth of believing eyes
Are replaced by sellers of paradise

Acacia koa and the heartwood Lehua tree
Provide the volcanic birth its floral company
The separation of flower from tree causes pain
Like separated lovers as the skies fill with rain
Such is the power of the lovers' tears
That these stay with us through all of our years

There is an interconnection on this journey
The living story of Pele is both poetic and literary
More than a just-so story that silently remains
The cycle of birth, re-birth and loss and gains
To Tutu Pele, we owe as we graciously live
Taken as needed in the hope that she forgives

(c) May 11, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Solace Beach - Lava Flow



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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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