Getting Out of My Way

A Cross to Bear Into the Twilight

John 12:23-28

Getting Out of My Way
by Michael Romani

Every day, I ask God to change my heart
To please do away with my worse parts
To please make me the sort of ever true
That is closer to the path of what to do
The Potter's clay to be molded into the me
That is more like God but in all humility

The Son of Man, I live to try to glorify
The wrath of Satan, I will not dignify
Following to serve the path of the right
Doing my best to shine in the night
It is for this purpose that I have gratitude
And hope to do my part in every attitude

Getting into my own way time after time
I stand accused and confess to this crime
Standing in the gap between and in my shame
Time after time, I confess that I am to blame
Myself as hindrance to all that I should be
Disobeying the could be in all of my carnality

I fight to overcome and be the man I should be
Keeping the cross in focus centered on the Divinity
It's a narrow path to bear and to seek to navigate
But to do otherwise would be nothing but to alleviate
The truth that I am indeed my very own worse enemy
Even more so at times than Satan. our pitted adversary

Taking up the cross daily, seeking most of all my self denial
Hoping for the best and waiting on the Lord's arrival
To fill my soul with all that I know is right and holy
Looking in the mirror, there are times that I don't even know me
There must be this death before I reach my resurrection
And so I seek out the Words of truth in my self correction

The battles fought without are not as deep as those within
The victory is total in surrender to God's will and fight sin
Hating my life is a comparison of exaggeration to be learned
As I seek forward and toward salvation that can't be earned
But, can still be and should be fought for on our knees
Prayer and in service to the Lord are the fundamental keys

I have filled my life daily with all that which is loss
Counted by most who do not recognize the Cross
The resurrecting power of Christ is ours to receive
If only we might accept, do and simply to believe
Dying to myself seems such a hard thing to do
But, truth be told there is no other way in view

Accepting my crucifixion along side my living Lord
Putting on His peace and putting away my sword
Tagging along to be sure I'm always at His side
Not insisting He be with me in my earthly pride
But to know that where He goes I will follow
Nearly best as can be as though I were a shadow

Where He is I know and recognize that I should be
His is the semantical hair to split in sovereignty
There is a needed attitude that isn't a platitude
And I say this without taking much in latitude
But to say that here I am and what should I do
Giving the captaincy up to what He holds true

Letting go and letting God is the very reason
To live otherwise is simply personal treason
To live the life that God wants requires we hear
And listen with obedience to always hold Him near
The things we endure brings us to our appointed hour
Knowing what God wants with acceptance not glower

The two great moments we live are when we are born
And when we find out why and are not forlorn
When we reach living for not our will but for His
Is the moment when we no longer question the is
But instead take the cup for which we are given
This then is the moment when we are truly living

Troubled perhaps to the point of our great sorrow
We live for the glorification of His in our every tomorrow
Life's defining moments are that we live for His story
Knowing that that outcome will bring His glory
This then is the path to God's greatest victory
And so it has always been throughout man's history

(c) May 13, 2018 Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Water Edge Town - New Life Christian Fellowship - Draped Cross




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