Dancer’s Guillotine

The Empire Room -Perfect Trio of Soulful Jazz

Dancer's Guillotine
by Michael Romani

It's a denunciation of distinction
A singularity calling out its fascination
The deepest feeling, reeling in my heart
The point from which surrealism departs
This world is a chaotic scene of violence
Shown to you in the dancer's benevolence

Looking outside the soul's broken window
Going the distance, twice past the shadow
We turn to see the world falling apart
The significance grabs us in our hearts
As an indictment of unsettling contradiction
Standing solo empowered by its introspection

There is a viral quality to this dance
In the same likeness of contagion as romance
As spectators become participants in movement
Synthetically adhering in our seats we are meant
To endure mirrored neurons of instant reaction
It's the perfect sense of empathic impaction

The dancer dances and so do we
Swaying along, rolling our shoulders musically
Nodding to the contortion of an inspired melody
A shot rings out in a jarring American tragedy
While the dancer dances on and on and beyond
As though nothing happened; life simply goes on

The politics of compassion has its kinetic empathy
As the internal mimicry cries out in sympathy
Atrocities experienced as if simply common place
This American experience wears our neighbor's face
There is no passivity in this gut wrenching irony
The tension is an automatic bleep of involuntary tyranny

(c)  May 15, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Based on:


Bellessa's  Enchanted Island - Sharpened Strutter






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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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