Quiet Time

House of Prayer - As God Wills

Genesis 32:32-34

Quiet Time
by Michael Romani

Taking a little time to be alone
In a devotional heart like stone
Just the Lord and little ole me
Taking moments so quietly

Alone in the Word in devotion
Getting right in my emotion
Snippets of Word and prayer
That keeps the Lord there

Serious in my focused clarity
Taken in stride of sincerity
All of my mistakes in place
I stare them down face to face

Confronted by the Lord alone
He speaks of the need to atone
Stopping everything to think
In full evaluation of the brink

Uninterrupted in my quietude
I find Him addressing my attitude
Speaking to me absent distraction
Steadily read my missed infractions

This then is how I learn to attend
Putting aside the airs that I pretend
Listening to a verbal mirror of challenge
I come to square within my balance

There in all the quiet, I find reflection
Centered on identifying contemplation
Remembering again who it is I am
And working hard on being that man

(c) May 16, 2018 Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Enchanted Dreams - Linearzed Tree Fallen In A Quiet Woods



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