Poem For the Healing

Footprints In the Sand - A Prayer Unspoken

Poem For the Healing
by Michael Romani

Looking from a distance for clarity
I offer this prayer in all sincerity
That whatever troubles bind you
Are not enough to ever blind you
That resting inside God's healing hand
Is the best place to make your stand

I pray that your healing might grow
That you feel the peacefulness flow
And maybe that you might know
The love of God is not just for show
But to bring to you all good things
That healing angels might just bring

May your healers bring you less pain
Strengthening you against the strain
That the love of many be a guiding light
That our prayers might somehow make this right
I don't know what it is that exactly ails you
But these are our wishes wished to be true

I pray that your family be all around
That their love will be what surrounds
And that our thoughts be closer than far
As our hearts gather around where you are
You are loved and cared for by the many
Having been encouraged by you more than any

We lift up our voices making many as one
That your troubles be lessened and then done
We sing your praises to the Aeolian wind
You who we know and love as our dear friend
May your healing come full and complete
That is, as one, our prayed for healing feat

(c) May 19, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

LEA6:   The Colours of Loss & Healing -Moasic of the Bleeding Rainbow




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