Path of Opportunity

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John 12:12-16

Path of Opportunity
by Michael Romani

Meandering on down the narrow road
Doing things now as I've been told
All of this, my path of opportunity
Taken as it is revealed to me

Riding in on a triumphant memory
Told in lessons that are taught to me
The king arrives on a back of a donkey
Coming in peace to give to you and me

Despite an expectation of militancy 
He came without any hesitancy
To conquer death and vanquish sin
And do so by giving peace to men

These things He had directly spoken
To mend our ways, despite how broken
Giving us things of the peace to be
Not the harm of fear and militancy

It is a peace surpassing understanding
Despite the tribulation so demanding
Martyrs for the cause and in Christ's way
All so that we might reach resurrection day

Despite all of this, there is cause to cheer
The power and the glory in faith is here
Six lessons by which navigate and travel
As our path of opportunity unravels

In our reckoning comes our expectation
Knowing the where of our destination
Living in the triumph of this moment
We face with grace the coming torment

It's all in how we conquer our moments
Rather than surrendering to our torments
These times are more than inevitable
Just as surely as these are unavoidable

Despite the odds we must keep doing good
Knowing some will turn and that it's understood
In the moment all you have under your own control
Is to keep doing right for the good of your soul

Always keeping centered on Christ's Holy truth
This is the sincerity to be lived from our youth
Each moment to be lived as we know it should be
Doing all that we can and know that it could be

God is always working in us and by us for our good
Called for the purposes best and least understood
Clueless sometimes in the truth behind the illusion
All the chaos that leads us astray in human confusion

We must learn to live and learn in the here and now
Taking our lessons and serving this somehow
To become all that God knows we should attend
Loving us fully as our best kept secret and friend

Reaching for and gaining life lived more abundantly
Unyoked from our passions and living more freely
The victory and defeats of life are what we live
We need awareness and discernment to what God gives

(c) May 20, 2018 Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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