Casting Away Our Sins

The Apothecary  -Danger Sinners


Casting Away Our Sin
by Michael Romani

The Word of God is for His People
All of us who gather in his steeple
And so it is that we need again
To adhere to remove our sins

It doesn't work to set aside
But removal without pride
Casting off all that trash
Before our lives might crash

Into our vast, deep inequity
That comes without civility
Existing to drag us down
Weighing heavy like a crown

Bringing pain to resolution
Through God and our contribution
Relentless in our reality
Not allowing its fade into surreality

The surreality of our compromises
Made in the face of life's surprises
Seeking instead God's fulfillment
That rests gently on our commitment

Daring to give our banes a name
In responsibility over simple blame
Building monuments for memory
That become our living history

Spinning a positive out of bad
Finding grace instead of being sad
Looking or the good in everything
Recognizing our all in what we bring

If we do not dare to grieve it
We cannot move on and leave it
Behind us where it does belong
Growing to become more strong

Through the strength of God we rise
Looking at the world through eyes anew
Receiving then the every sacred right
To name ourselves as His children in His sight

The settled certainty of our every now
A prayer lived fully and still somehow
That the Lord shines on us His Kindness
Turning from our flaws as though in blindness

(c) May 23, 2018 Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Virtuoso Performing Arts - Easter Matinee -Washed My Sins Away







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