Taken Breath

A poem based on a Memorial Day dance and a reality for far too many:

Sacred Ground - Memorial Day - Jilley & Paul - Gone But Not Forgotten

Taken Breath
by Michael Romani

Whisper has it that it took away your breath
The day they called to inform you of my death
Seems you can dress it up dapper and professional
But there's nothing so tragically confessional
As that moment when you heard I wasn't coming home
That I had fought to my last, yet, died alone

I watch you as you try to make it through your day
Slipping to my tombstone where you cry and pray
I wish that I could reach out and tell you good things
All the love of a lifetime, your sweet memory brings
I know it wouldn't give you comfort for you to know
That I'd do it again if need be but you really should know

That I did it all for you and I know you know that's true
You were my first thought, my last thought, you were my you
The one whose letters somehow made it all better each day
The one whose face I lingered on as my life slipped away
I watch as your tears flow onto this sacred, hallow ground
Trapped in death's embrace at the sadness you have found

And so as you pray for me and whisper that you miss me
I want to reach out and touch you with blessings of memory
Somehow letting you know that I lived for you to my last
That my thoughts were of you when I gave my last gasp
I died as I lived with a heart beating strongly for this nation
I died as I lived willing to cash the check of final destination

That you and those we love might keep living in freedom
That you and those we love might keep living and dream some
This meant everything to me and it still does as I look down
Wanting to lift you up as I watch you stumbling on the ground
My promise remains in place to keep my vigilant watch over you
My word as my bond, these things that I tell you are true

I am every soldier, every sailor, every marine, every airman
Who loved his family, his lady, his nation doing what he can
I am every soldier, every sailor, every marine every airman
Who loved her family, her man, her nation doing what she can
Willing to put my life on the line so that you might live some
And I gave my all for you and you in the sacred duty to freedom

(c) May 28, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

US Military Veterans Military Center - Prayers In the Night


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