A Prophecy Begun…

To begin a series on the fall of Troy:

It's All Greek To Me

A Prophecy Begun...
by Michael Romani

A mother's cry pierces the palace night
The black blood runs signally something is not right
A baby boy is delivered into this wretched world
In prophetic vision, his sister sees battle flags unfurled
As their city burns down before her eyes
The death shouts of country men fill the skies

Twenty years later, living as a common herdsman
Paris is chosen to define goddesses into beautiful women
Selected by Zeus personally, a golden apple is at stake
There can be no doubt, this is not a mistake
The goddesses all act to enchant as they compete
Until Paris at last chooses Aphrodite as most complete

Jealousy is seldom even close to a very pretty thing
As storm winds fill the air, he wonders at what it will bring
Days pass into night into years as he awaits his prize
Waiting for the world's most beautiful woman to bless his eyes
Where is the one to make his very world undone?
He looks out pleading to the morning's rising sun

(c) May 6, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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