In the Infinity of Pi

Archimede’s Constant is known as a concept by nearly all by Middle School and yet stretches on to what appears to be near infinitesimal digits to what nth of a degree we still do not exactly know…

Exploratorium - Poster Eyzed Pi

In the Infinity of Pi
by Michael Romani

Somewhere beyond the scope of Pi's infinity
Is the sum of all of mathematics' poetry
Where every number that will ever exist
Remains to be discovered and quietly persists

If all these numbers changed to letters
It would include every thing written and then better
Everything that remains to ever be said
Is where all of this would have quietly led

All of the peace and all of the moments of strife
Exists in the numbered days of our discordant lives
All of the daydreams and waking nightmares
Exist on the cusp of this numerical flare

Pythagoras' music plays on in the spheres
With all of our thinking divided into hemispheres
All of the moments of laughter and sorrow
Numerically exist as much yesterday as tomorrow

Before all of my numbered days are gone
I hope to leave a legacy that lives on
One of happiness to fill a million sunny days
Lived by example to bring much to your ways

And if the infinity of Pi is ever reached
Like on wet pavement broken and breeched
I hope that the journey gives to you
Everything that is good, holy and true

(c) June 13, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Neu Wulfenstadt - Unrezzable Pieces To This Game



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