Living Your Best Today

Based on large part on Isaiah 50:4-7:

Isle of May - Lessons In Flight

Living Your Best Today
by Michael Romani

We find ourselves in our prayers
Feeling like we're walking stairs
Labored in our efforts to remain and be
Everything in all of our possibilities

Hoping for a moment of needed grace
As we look toward God's amazing face
Praying that in every moment we live
We might give love and learn to forgive

Walking God's garden in the early morning
Finding peace even in trouble's last warning
Joyfully we walk learning from His presence
Hoping that it might instill His essence

God gives every Christian a dreamlike vision
A calling to become with great precision
All of these things we might come to be
Living life blessed and filled so abundantly

All of our blessings equal what it is sown
Caught up in the things that we have known
Children of God we live by His holy plan
Finding our calling, every woman every man

It is then on us to take steps to become 
The masterpiece of becoming that one
The one that God means us to be
Taking directions heeded plausibly

Morning by morning it's a daily thing
When learning by all that God brings
Coming before the presence of Him
Making it our practice and not our whim

Our best life now is through seeking God's will
Seeking in obedience and learning to be still
Trusting that God will always find our way
And then living it always day after countless day

Determining our lives in patience and endurance
Never turning away but steadfast in perseverance
Serious in our obedience we are willing to ensure
Suffering willingly to pay the price of God's own cure

The journey to greatness oft takes us to rocky roads
Still we keep faithful as we know we are always told
Set-faced like stone in our path and our determination
Steadfast, despite strife, problems and discrimination

This is the road map for living life in God's rich blessing
Persisting in keeping to faithfulness and not in guessing
Learning that the best of life is in service to others
Dirty hands not minds on behalf of sisters and brothers

God gives us these words of wisdom and in instruction
So that we learn the paths of truth and not destruction
Giving us the way to comfort the weary who surround
And helping them to this path of hope that does abound

Like lights unto a world of darkness we are to shine
Bringing healing, soul revealing, like yours and mine
How will all of this become such that others learn
Unless we walk out into the world and teach to discern

Picking up those who have fallen and heeding our calling
To first become servants to all who are caught in crawling
Through the mire that seeks to hold all of us down
Keeping our eyes focused on our Lord's sovereign crown

(c) June 17, 2018 Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Invictus -  Illuminating Lessons From the Past



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