Shadows On A Cavern Wall

Maybe Plato’s Republic still speaks to us today?

Inspirations - Shadows of Cursed Affliction

Shadows On A Cavern Wall
by Michael Romani

Tantalizingly close to greatness
The politicians cannot escape this
That life has grown to seem pointless
When truth is swept away and society..
                      ... meets its finish

Or, is it really that we are done
When the public reaches out
                    ...looking for someone
That can transcend the sum of zero
And fight for us like a hero

Fighting mediocrity to a stand still draw
Some of us refuse to find this tale
                        .. to tell
We take our stand against the nihilists' pessimism
Believing we will win in our optimism 

In this world of discarded metaphors
We stand together against spirits
That with disconnected impartiality
They've staked the dawn of mendacity 

That in this world all are special
And that because of this
                  ... no one is special
It's a special kind of misguided egalitarianism
That ultimately becomes a misanthropic chauvinism

In the name of false justice, we are fed
                          ...this delusion
By those who seek power through use of illusion
Spare and precise in their modernist lines
The faceless seek their rule through wordless mimes

Mocking greatness in hopes that it won't
Bound by senseless rules meant to conflate
Amid life's frustration with compromise
It is deception marketed for weary eyes

So it is in life's constant blur of discovery
That is only a handful who seek real recovery
From sitting blindly faced with shadowed walls
And know quite sadly that society will take its fall

(c) June 23, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

SL13B Electrify Landscape -   Cammino e Vivo Capovolto -The Shadowplay of Rebirth






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