Learning and Knowing Jesus

Based in part on Philippians 3:10:

Baja Sands -  Jesus Saves

Learning and Knowing Jesus
by Michael Romani

That we might know Him
Moving this out past whim
The questions start to run
How to tell about the one

What might one start to tell
About the man we follow
What might one begin to tell
So that they might better know

We all know a bit of the story
The fruits of God's good ministry
Most stop at the foot of Calvary
Failing to know the man from Galilee

Choosing instead to overly personify
Rather than recognizing his Divinity
He might be at home in the Congregation
But, He's more than just inspiration

Filtering him through our own paradigm
When we should be conforming to Him
Delving into the Bible's good authority
And unwrapping the keys to this mystery

Familiarizing yourself with the good Book
Takes more than an occasional short look
Knowing the Gospels will quietly reveal
The path in this life to becoming still

Vacation Bible School is over, he said
To know Him takes thinking in your head
To faithfully follow and abide in this
And truly becoming truly His

It's not enough to believe but to know
That beyond salvation is to truly follow
Abiding in who Jesus is and holding true
To the ways of the light for me and you

Know this, God and Jesus are the One
God in the flesh making sin undone
Eternally, He has been and will be
The Logos holding together Divinity

Trinity consisting as Father, Son and Holy Ghost
This is the solemn truth we need the most
God is not small and yet is in all details
Greater than the sum mankind can reveal

All things created by Him for Him
This concept goes beyond a whim
Ingrain it in your souls, sisters and brothers
He is God there is no room for another

The Jesus revealed is also fully human
And this become a challenge that can
Throw many off in its tempting difficulty
Yet, the Bible fully reveals this mystery 

We see the path of God in His growing
Learning into all that is worth knowing
Walking as a man who is one among men
He knew and grew but never fell to sin

Descended from Adam, God and man
Understand this if you will and can
He walked this world tempted not falling
Now we are to respond to His calling

God in Jesus came to save this World
He came humbly as time unfurled
Seeking to save all of us fallen
Whispered on the wind, He is calling

(c) June 24, 2018 Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

River of Bethel -Names of Jesus

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