Fanfare and Flourish

Life can be filled with absurdities, some deeper than others.

Devil's Point -  Cat's Meow

Fanfare and Flourish
by Michael Romani

In the fanfare and flourish
Of too many mournful violins
It seems life begins to nourish
An image of a world of violence
Divided between the decidedly bad
And those who would do good
It leaves this observer sad
At so much seemingly misunderstood

Trembling in our conscience
As we look deep into our souls
Wishing for the missing prescience
There is so much out of our control
The wound is deep, this thorn in my side
Cutting deeper than my heart bleeds
It isn't just a matter of empty pride
But one in which the future seeds

Seeding old school into new school
Dreaming the possibilities that lay beyond
Having a reciprocal blessing of golden rule
Not just a fairytale moment of once upon
Chasing after the elusive at full speed
Keeping targets rapidly on the move
Scared to death at the wailing screed
These living conditions must improve

Annoyed at the numbers as they spill
Realizing I hold a losing hand
Staring at walls past my feel
My life burning  down and I don't understand
How things have descended this far
Everyone has their moments of blindness
I whisper looking on one last falling star
Is it too much to wish for one last kindness?

(c) June 25, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

LEA1 - Mystics, Myths and Elements of Nature - Winged Princess A Transparence of Violins

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