Comfort In His Love

Philippians 2:5-11

House of Prayer - The Humility of His Presence

Comfort In His Love
by Michael Romani

In all of life's storms, you bring peace
From all of life's troubles you bring release
More beautiful than diamonds, you shine
As I, with each of us, walk your fine line

Some live life wishing to be a rock star
Never realizing that in going this far
Is to miss the point almost entirely
Greatness is found behind personality

It's more about what should be our aspiration
And becoming that person as our inspiration
Not fame for fame's sake conformed for it's sake
But instead in doing the right things it really takes

Realizing this we find ourselves perfecting in imitation
Our very Lord whom we have met in our humble initiation
The very Savior who walked in this world so humbly
Living His all for us and then giving His life for you and me

Setting the example at the eating of His final family meal
When quietly asked the question that served to reveal
That the one greater should know his and her place of service
What did we as humanity ever do to deserve this?

Compassion and love is truly defined as His attitude
A strength of humility that goes beyond platitude
From His birth in a manger on that night so still
Everything transcended to quietly magnify His will

Born of his human mother, Mary, was our Lord and King
Announced to the magi and the shepherds as angels sing
Circumstances that clearly show His quietude
Simply set forth to illustrate and present His certitude

There is no sense of entitlement in serving others
But to go out and be among our sisters and our brothers
Living life to serve all around as needs are presented
Living this life as we know that it is clearly intended

In His life, Jesus never sought much as public recognition
Touching the untouchable leper in love's cognition
Asking only that it not be told but only quietly revealed
All of the many that He went about and healed

With almost zero interest in doing things for self promotion
Less than interested in creating any kind of commotion
The life well lived is one that goes far deeper than the hype
To know the tiger well, you must go beyond her stripes

Lessons gleaned from the compassion He has shown
Has left so many of the faithful with minds blown
Christian life lived in imitation is one given for God's sake
Always in giving and seldom worrying about our take

All of our moments spent in Holy conversation 
Lead to the world's loving and total transformation
Doing the Father's will and not our own
This is the greatest story carved in stone

(c) July 1, 2018 Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Burnal Equinox -All the Comforts of Home

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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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1 Response to Comfort In His Love

  1. Sunshinysa says:

    So WELL SAID, Michael.
    The image is beautiful, makes me yearn to travel to such a spot.


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