Father’s Have Rights Too! Please Help If You Can

A life long friend of mine has set up a GoFundMe page to help assist me during my time of very dire need.  For verification that I and the circumstances are real and the need is credible, please see my real Facebook at:


If your heart is so inclined and you can help, my lifelong friend Vince has set up a GoFundMe page here:


From this page set up by Vince:

“Dear Friends of Michael Doyle,”

“I never thought I would be setting up a GoFundMe account, but one of our GTMO family friends needs our help.”

“I have Michael Doyle’s permission to set up this fundraiser.  As you may know, Michael went through a very bad divorce, but unfortunately, it is not the end!  His ex-wife continues to harass and candidly, punish Michael at every turn.  She’s seeking to terminate his parental rights!  He just wants to move on with his life and raise his two (2) daughters.”

“Recently during one of Michael’s visitation weekends with his daughters, the only precious things in his life, his wife rushed into a local restaurant where she knew Michael was with the girls.  Even though it was his visitation weekend, she attempted to take the girls out and Michael tried to stop her in this public setting.  The result?  His ex-wife filed assault charges.  He was arrested and released pending trial.  Remember, she’s seeking to remove his parental rights!”

“As I mentioned, Michael’s divorce was very difficult and financially challenging.  The Court sided with his ex-wife.  We all know there is a bias towards Mothers, (normally I would accept this premise), but in the case of our friend Michael, we know this was a miscarriage of Justice!  Even the court-appointed Guardian ad Litem protested to the Judge and the judge ignored his pleas, so much so that the Guardian resigned from his position.”

“Michael needs our help.  A good lawyer isn’t cheap, billing rates are over $300+/hour.  Michael had a good attorney review his case and the attorney believes he can fight the false charges and also, correct the previous divorce settlement, which has ruined Michael financially, physically and emotionally.”

“Based on his consultation, his legal fees will run $7,000 – $10,000 dollars.  I think it’s closer to $10,000 given the multiple fronts he’s facing.  I’m starting this fund-raiser with a $250 contribution, which means we only have $9,750 to go!  If just 195 donate $50, we can reach the goal, and help our friend regain his life!”

“I’m asking all of my FB friends to help out this honest man who has been wronged by the system.  No contribution is too small.  Let’s help our GTMO friend find true justice so he can get on with his life with his daughters.  He’s living a 24×7 hell.  I will manage this fund and I will report on all donations and disbursements to provide full transparency.  I have two (2) requests:  (1) please contribute to this fundraiser and (2) please forward this on your FB accounts.  Let’s get the multiplier effect working so we can quickly raise the funds needed and help out our dear friend!  Time is of the essence!”

“Of course, Michael welcomes your thoughts and prayers, but please contribute, he needs our help!”

Please know that I set up this blogsite to try to earn funds to reverse some of the damage done even prior to this series of events.  My ex gets approximately 75% of my wages.  I have a disease called sarcoidosis so working two full time jobs would simply not be tenable.  I am legitimately in need of any and all help.   Again, if you can contribute and are willing to do so, I will greatly appreciate if you’d click the below to do so.  Thanks very much in advance!


Please help if you can!  My little girls deserve better than what’s been happening.



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