Ever Increasing Faith

I’ve never really been one for a name and claim it sort of faith.  But, I did listen to part of a sermon today that has at its core some good thoughts to share.  So.. I am…

Home, Sweet, Home - Looking Down In the Middle of Lag..

Ever Increasing Faith
by Michael Romani

If there was one wish I might truly share
It's that we are as happy as we can bear
To be so in to increase faith without measure
Because it's in this faith we find our treasure

No respecter of persons beyond equally
God gives each of us a chance indelibly 
Written on our souls in word to the wise
Is that to grow you must always exercise

Asking for what we need is not to much
Truth of fact, it's observed beyond hunch
That though we are dwarfed by it's immensity
The Milky Way is but a point in God's infinity

The Word causes faith to enter your heart
Listening to this might life's best start
Being unafraid to ask with particularity
Pictured in your mind somewhat completely

This is the manner in which we are to ask
Believing or not believing we approach the task
Measuring in baby steps toward this expectation
Praying in gratitude in our sated anticipation

All of the above being said, it must be said
That we should keep humility in our heads
That while the Father feeds us what we need
We are best served to always modestly plead

c) July 8, 2018 Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Coptic Egypt - Sunrise On the Frontlines of Faith

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