New Life Walked

Based on Colossians 2:6:

Shagwong Cove Resort - Took Myself A Walk

New Life Walked
by Michael Romani

Walking by the Spirit
Brother, do you heart it
Living by these rules
Worthy of this school

No condemnation 
In this Christian nation
But, still discerned
In all the lessons learned

Adding up all the math
Of walking this straight path
Step by step of the journey
Brings us to our destiny

Keeping purpose focused on
The future, not what's gone
Not being lost up in our fear
But leaning forward in our years

Never a moment spent alone
His presence is carved in every stone
We must live for Him in our now
Breathing deep in this somehow

There is no better deal to be had
Man's search for more is sad
Our eyes should be kept locked steady
With our faith in stride and ready

(c) July 11, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

MindPillars - A Scottsh Themed Sim - The Journey Begins




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