The Truth Be Told

Truth is maybe the most valuable commodity.  Perhaps I’m dwelling on this concept too much lately?  I think not.

Grumble - Truth or Dare

The Truth Be Told
by Michael Romani

In all the things that life has showed
There is one truth that must be told
That there is a right and a wrong
At least, in any world where I belong

Maybe this feels like a lost cause
Maybe sometimes, this gives me pause
Still, I find that I struggle on
In the hope that not all hope is gone

There are questions that linger
Facts that I cannot quite finger
There are answers that I need to know
And truthfully, I have no place left to go

I do my best to stay on task
With so many questions left to ask
In the way that my life has flowed
There is one truth that must be told

Is it some kind of confusion of romance
To try to believe in some sort of chance
I sit and stare at walls with saddened smile
Knowing that there are some things I'll never reconcile

To try to be the man that I should be
And would be if I could, I really should be
Unafraid to make my last stand in meaning
Reaching out for the unreachable with all my being

The right and wrong in all that I feel and think
Brooding moods that bring me again to the brink
Like a mime holding in my words of right and wrong
I have begun to wonder if this is world to which I belong

(c) July 17, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

That Moment Of Truth





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