Lamb of God

Based in part on John 1:29:

“The next day John saw Jesus coming toward him and said, “Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!”

White Cliffs of Dover - Soul Sacrifice

Lamb of God
by Michael Romani

There is one thing in all the telling
Those things that need revealing

There is so much to be told
All of which must be showed

So others may know His ways
And live these in our days

Born in the small town of Bethlehem
So its told in carol and in majestic hymn
Not much is know about His youth
But that He came to His Father's truth

Baptized at the River Jordan becoming immersed
At that moment recognized as God well pleased
Taking away the sin of the world, He walked
As the Lamb of God, he taught as he talked

His life was a miracle in its very making
A joy to all who saw and where partaking
He had come to die and take away our sin
This is the most important lesson to begin

And perhaps, really it's to this very end
That we know our Lord as master and friend
Descendants of the imputed sin, we are
Alienated and separated we reach for the stars

Doing our very best to live our jaded days
We fight against ourselves to follow His ways
Like a flock of black sheep we lose our way
As we struggle from waking until end of day

There is the ugliness inside each of us
That we cling to as though it's the buzz
Selfishly clinging to that we should not
Truth be told, it feels the best we got

It is because of this that sacrifice was made
Because it's into the hands of Satan we are played
Like a stacked deck on which we still gamble
Caught up in the fire, mire and thorny bramble

The bloody sacrifice made on Calvary's cross
Jesus atoned our brokenness, taking our loss
In the sheer agony of this thing so necessary
Is what gives us hope and joy with intensity

The Lamb of God who takes away our every sin
As the Passover Lamb symbolizing once again
Our freeing from the bondage of wicked slavery
Though delivered sadly with much brutality

The wages of sin being death are now paid
Fully with grace despite plans the Devil made
This is the fullest necessary to pay the price
Only the restitution of the cross could suffice

We attempt to avoid these consequences
With an attitude that seeks to evade the evidences
That run to the contrary that we've only our blame
To correct and change to our blessed shame 

This then is the deepest part of the lesson
Offered up freely and without hesitation
God took away our sins if we have faith enough
The iniquity of us all is fully paid without any bluff

(c) July 22, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Paris 1900 - Stain Glassed Sacrifice



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