Seeds of Totalitarianism Dispersed

Generally speaking,  we as a people stand for liberty and all its intendent duties and responsibilities.  In this day and age, there has been an increasing move toward surrendering liberties for what we have latched onto as security, be it physical or of entitlements.   As we do so, we become increasingly sadly enmeshed until maybe we wake up realizing we were hugely mistaken to do this.  The question is ‘and then what?”

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Seeds of Totalitarianism Dispersed
by Michael Romani

To my great, morbid fascination
We as a society have reached our desecration
Where everyone can believe everything
Or, nothing at all - depending on what our day brings
Everything is possible, but, nothing is true
Still, I want to believe that's different for me and you

Everyone stands ready to believe the worse
In this society of ours grown so perverse
Lulled into believing each provocative word
Not matter how damaging or even absurd
The seeds of totalitarianism have been dispersed
God help us all, if, it cannot be reversed

Tactical cleverness in banner spewn lies
The world become deception before our cynical eyes
Fantastical statements advocated on one day
Become, the next day, mythical dragons to slay
Who is to know what really is and isn't true
When versions of truth are spread in a multitude of hues

Language, as a tool, reflects reality
Except when it doesn't in present surreality
Words once relied on in our understanding
Have become complex and overly demanding
Everything is possible, but, nothing is true
Still, I want to believe that's different for me and you

Truth is not rendered into needed clarification
By speaking one set of facts and then it's opposition
This is the essence of Orwellian dimensions
When truth cannot be understood with greater precision
Acceptance of this is the willful amnesia of the weak
Who have fallen under the sway of political double speak

All of this spins my head around and around
Fully knowing that really there is truth to be found
The ideas of false nuance and malformed connotation
Can never lead to the truth as should be our destination
They say that everything is possible and nothing is true
Still, I insist on believing that is different for me and you


(c) July 28, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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