Fight For Glory

Excited that the Rome docu-drama series has a new season on Netflix.   To my surprise, it turns out that I somehow had not watched the last two episodes.  I am in the middle of fixing that now.

Romanum -  Plum Sunset Over A Roman Harbor

Fight For Glory
by Michael Romani

Sometimes it takes a fire to rebuild
All the power and glory that it wields
Like a gladiator in the colosseum
Only the king can fight for his dream

The fight takes more than looking the part
It takes the strength within a stout heart
There are more than swords at play
But something further and with the will to stay

Courage is more than taking one's place
But, comes from within with a will to embrace
Whatever struggles may come our way
It's not enough to simply say

Since the beginning of time
Beyond all reason and put to rhyme
It has been the same ole story
The life of the warrior is to fight for glory

The vanquished stares calmly ahead as he
Knows that the sword will take him calmly
The fight by him has been a righteous one
As he falls, he feels is honor and is undone

(c) July 31, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Romanum - Ancient Map of Italy






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