Wrapped In A Revealing Shroud

Based on Matthew 28:20:

St Pete City  -  Shrouded Light House In the Mist

Wrapped In A Revealing Shroud
by Michael Romani

Thanking God for my salvation
For providing my destination
Every moment spent in inspiration
Walking forward in His direction

Teaching all that is to be observed
He gives more blessings than deserved
For He is risen and he is right here
Our sovereign Lord is always kept near

Fully God, He walked among mortal man
In the fullness beyond what we understand
Yet, fully mortal as He dwelt and walked
Providing His parables in lessons He talked

Tempted as we are in every single way
Yet, He remained faultless to His last mortal day
Serving us all in his fullest sense of capacity
By what was spoken and His example of divinity

Challenging us to put His words into praxis
Conquering all with exactly as the fact is
Delivering humbly the salvation we might seek
Paying the debt with His life with Holy mystique

When He walked out of that tomb of death
He might have taken His bow and simply left
Instead, He proved His manifestation
And in so doing changed humanity's destination

For He would be with us always unto the very end
At the right hand of the Father as advocate and friend
We encounter His presence baptized in the Holy Spirit
For those who have eyes to see and the ears to hear it

When two are more are gathered in His name
Jesus is there too humbly serving without shame
Helping us to stand firm convicted in the feeling
Of all that it means in experiencing the in-dwelling

We know also that the presence of the Lord in our service
Extending the grace even when we don't deserve this
For what we do to and for the very least we do for Him
It's the essence of truth sung in our lives' daily hymns

(c) August 5, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Scotland Gardens - Woodland Paviliion





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