The Mission of Paris

In the continuing saga of the fall of Troy:

It's All Greek To Me

The Mission of Paris
by Michael Romani

Cheering Trojans party like no tomorrow
Whispered rumors bring their sorrow
A maiden finds her lips are sealed
While coming darkness through a mirror is revealed

Cassandra gives birth to dreams of black blood
While clarity slips into the clear as mud
Prophets speak of pending doom
While the people drape in cloaks of gloom

Too much reveling and too much drink
Leads to far too little time to think
A drunk man lacking in any real talent
Rises up to take one more challenge

There is no escaping the dogs of tomorrow
With all of its whispered rumors bringing sorrow
For tomorrow will come not matter how we fight
Dark of night will always give way to new light

Paris is given his test and given a mission
He'd like to bow out but lacks permission
Sent not at request but at the king's command
He has been given his task to learn and understand

Setting out at his king's grave command
Paris voyages to a foreign land
Tonight King Menelaus will hold a banquet
On behalf of another whose disposition is less delicate

Paris presents himself before Menelaus, the lord
Offering spices instead of his training sword
Helen joins the celebration to hear his story
As she curiously reveals herself in all of her glory

Indulgences of complete disruption
Tells the prince's tale of woeful interruption
Funny how things so small can change things so much
But King Menelaus is not laughing at his hunch

Castle walls grow dark and so very thin
While sultry dancers dance dressed in skin
There is perhaps too much there to see
As stolen glimpses whisper of stolen ecstasy

(c) August 14, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Troy - The Trojan Horse




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