Hearts That Burn

History shows a weird thread of interlacing love and hate that has come to influence all of humanity.  Were it God’s way and not ours, I am thinking and believing there would be a lot more love and maybe none of this hate.

Children of the World - Rooted In the Heart

Hearts That Burn
by Michael Romani

The long line of human history
Teaches us beyond all mystery
That hate breeds hate
And it's always been our fate

Fear breeds endless fear
We see it; year after year
And though we pray to the above
Most of us need lessons in love

The tears that keep falling
As hearts break at the calling
Evidence there will be no reprieve
Even for the stout hearts that believe

A mother cries at her child's loss
Like a careless coin tossed
Burying her heart along with her son
This is the way of man until we are done

No amount of prayer changes this
Nor erases the places or traces we miss
There have been so many tales told
As the ages of man continue to unfold

The sadness overpowers and enfolds
While Father Time, he still scolds
What will it take for man to learn
We cannot bury the hearts that burn

(c) August 19, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Fantasy Faire - Ichi-go--Ichi-e - The Love Hate Word Connection







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