On Breaking Free

1 Kings 19:1-21

Love & Harmony Restaurant Revisited - Music For Young Lovers

On Breaking Free
by Michael Romani

Coming into the presence with thanksgiving
Finding the Lord helps my everyday living
Standing in the garden looking at morning dew
And thinking on all that I must endure and do

It's somewhat easier in walking in His grace
Praying that I might always gladly embrace
All that God finds necessary for me to know
As I live and I love and step by step, I grow

Definitely standing in the unraveling 
Bits of emotions that are lost in feelings
Trapped by all the garbage traveling 
That too often sends my heart reeling

Finding that it's okay to hope once again
But, reflections find  me now and then
Forgetting that God is always with me
Truth told in every sort of eventuality

Bound up in that emotional captivity
Discouraged by things in this reality
Needing to plug into the Truth as told
Now as then, the change is sold

Looking for that sweet soul change
Taking the time to think and rearrange
And this then is how we become free
Salvation is found in Jesus for you and me

True happiness must exist inside you
Appearances are trappings that never do
So then it must be the thing that is kept
No matter the anger or sad tears wept

No snap of a finger is going to fix this
Not when the internal has gone amiss
The surface breaks into its deep meaning
And its the same for every human being

The heart deceives us into out feelings
Too often acting out as soul revealing
Learning to walk wisely into our deliverance
Ruling our emotions from being our hindrance

There are three things to always keep in mind
Three hints to never allowed left behind
Take care of your physical needs daily
This is a thing of the very utmost necessity

My body, your body - are temples of the Holy Spirit
In our praise of God we truly need to hear it
What we do to our temples effects our attitudes
So we should keep these up with great gratitude

Once this level is met, reach out for connection
We all need our  support and their affection
It helps us to remember all these precious things
As emotional turmoil overwhelms and brings

Turning too far inward instead of the outward
Is the opposite direction we should move toward
A servant's heart is what is so desperately needed
And one of things that must be carefully heeded

No pulling back when the going gets too tough
Move forward to the front line when it feels enough
God has given us spiritual gifts to serve others well
We must never, ever forget this deep dwelling detail

We must cry out to God even in our darkest day
And so in times of trouble we bend knee to pray
Listening to God's will and doing our best to obey
This then is the only truth of God's holy ways

When you're feeling troubled come to Jesus with your grief
It is in His ways and words comforting in our belief
We shall walk together in learning these things we must
Breaking free of the deception depends on holding to that trust

(c) August 19, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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